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4 myths debunked about alternative heating systems

When it comes to the most efficient way to heat our homes, there’s no doubt heating system alternatives are proving to be extremely popular. Traditional boiler systems and radiators are extremely wasteful and we already know don’t heat rooms effectively because a lot of energy is lost in heat transfer – usually through chimneys or the boiler system itself, so that your heating system has to work twice as hard to heat rooms.

Our SMARTWARM systems operate much differently and can be installed under floors, but also in wall cavities and on the stairs, for the ultimate smart, eco-friendly heating system – it is not like anything else out there on the market, which is why we’re keen to bust those myths – asap!


Have you heard of any of these?

MYTH #1- alternative heating methods can only be installed in new build homes

This is one of the most common myths we come across. Probably because many people believe alternative heating systems, like underfloor heating, looks like something from the future and can therefore only be installed in new builds. Or, if they are retro-fitted, they require floors to be dug up for the heating system to be installed, or for walls to be replastered.

This might be true for things like water-based underfloor heating systems, which would need to be installed in the floor which meant digging it up and laying a completely new one with the pipework installed. Not only is this extremely costly it is time consuming for both the installer and the homeowner, who has to live with the disruption. If we want people to make smart decisions about efficiency in their homes, we should be making it easier for them to do that – and that is why Smart Warm installations work completely differently.

Alternative heating systems have undergone a significant transformation over the last decade, so you might be surprised to know that some alternative heating methods can be installed in both new and existing homes. Particularly our heating system, as the Smart Warm technology is super thin and can be applied over the top of existing screeding – so no knocking down walls and no digging up floors.

Most commonly, we apply Smart Warm under floors, because it is the most efficient way to heat a home rather than a traditional system. Again, there are concerns regarding the application of underfloor heating – including raised floor levels. But, due to Smart Warm’s minimal thickness, it will hardly raise the floor level at all – if anything it is no more than 10mm.

It’s as simple as laying the thin Smart Warm system over the top of screeding and then replacing floor coverings – either carpet or hard flooring. Minimal disruption, maximum heat – and more cost efficient too. The system works with microcoils, allowing for maximum insulation and efficiency by minimising heat loss through the floor and making sure any heat is efficiently pumped around the room, giving a more consistent room temperature.

MYTH#2 – alternative heating is expensive to use

We are often greeted with questions like “how much is that going to cost us?”

Again, due to technological development, and products like Smart Warm joining the market, it’s not as expensive as you think. We’ve already told you that systems like ours no longer require you to rip up floors or tear down walls, so that’s an installation cost saved straight away.

Also, in small rooms, such as shower rooms or en-suites where floor space is at a bit of a premium, you can install Smart Warm in the walls – which is likely to be cheaper again than the inefficient heated towel rail or radiator.

Smart Warm is also extremely energy efficient. We know how wasteful traditional heating systems are, so by opting for an alternative you will recoup your day to day costs – and you might just find that your household bills go down.

Oh, and, if that wasn’t enough, you can control the heating zones from your smartphone too – so if you fancy turning up the heat, you don’t even need to get up.

MYTH#3 – you can’t use heating methods with wooden floors

Absolutely not! We were very surprised to hear this – and it surprised us to hear this was even featured as one of our top myths.

Many people believe combining heating under the floor with wood is a bad idea because there is a risk of burning, or temperatures rising so high that you cannot control the room temperature properly. Plus, some are worried that the heating system could cause the floor to warp.

Actually, this couldn’t be any further from the truth. Wooden floors – and we are talking real wood floors here, like oak – and underfloor heating is a match made in heaven. Wooden floors are engineered to deal with warmer environments and are made to be thermally stable. Carpets too are often dismissed as being useless for underfloor heating as you will not get the full effect of the heat through the floor. Whilst you should avoid heavy rugs, most household carpets are absolutely fine and there is no reason why you shouldn’t get the full benefit of the system.

We have installed thousands of Smart Warm systems in homes with both wooden flooring and carpets – and they are super happy with the results.

MYTH #4: Underfloor heating is only useful in winter

Yes, perhaps heating is only for winter months, Smart Warm systems can be used in summer months too, because it also works at very low temperatures. Our heating zones also allow for precise room temperature too, so if you prefer a slightly warmer living room, but a cooler bedroom for sleeping, that is entirely possible. Not only are you saving energy, you are not paying for energy you don’t need. So, stop flinging the windows open before you go to bed, simply turn down the temperature and enjoy a more comfortable night’s rest.

The solution

Now we have debunked these 4 myths, hopefully you can see that not all heating systems work in the same way! Smart Warm is the future – not only is it cheaper and quicker to install, it is kind to the environment.

There’s also nothing else like Smart Warm out there and it is the most reliable heating system available on the market right now.

Start your Smart Warm journey today. Get a quote or contact us to find out more information, or get an estimate.

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