SMART WARM is the new generation of electrical heating systems used in residential and commercial buildings as the primary heating system. Primarily it is used as underfloor heating but it can be installed on walls, cellings, stairs or wherever needed. SMART WARM replaces the need for boilers, radiators, boiler rooms or chimneys. It saves space, has a lower installation cost, is quickly and easily fitted, and requires almost no maintenance.

With its extremely large heat emitter it covers up to 65% of the heated area which enables a low temperature regime; saving energy, preventing the spread of bacteria and dust, and provides nothing but pure pleasure and comfort.
One of its many unique advantages is its heat zoning capability which allows you to individually regulate the temperature of each room depending on your requirements – for example, different temperatures can be set in daytime areas, sleeping areas and bathrooms.

All heat zones can be connected to smart thermostats or to smart homes, enabling you to control your heating remotely so you never have to walk into a cold home again when you been away!
Furthermore, with its low heat regime and large heating emitter it doesn’t require a large power output so, depending on the energy rating of your home, SMART WARM of 3300 W can cover 40-50 m2 which is 65-80 W/m2. As a comparison, a classic central heating system uses 110 – 170 W/m2.

*This is a rough estimate, so the given numbers should not be taken for granted. A number of factors may influence the final results, like the house insulation, the materials the house is made of, the persistent micro-climate, costumers habits etc.