SMART WARM is unique and innovative low voltage heating system with endless advantages. Made out of thin but jet wide aluminium strips that are powered by low voltage electricity. This innovative heating system is designed so that it can be easily installed under all types of flooring, on walls, ceilings, stairs or all of these together.

It has successfully been used in Europe for more than 12 years and is becoming an increasingly popular heating method for buildings (residential, commercial, industrial), green houses, lodges, sports pitches and all other types of external surfaces such as walkways and driveways.

With its extremely large heating emitter it covers up to 65% of the heated area, providing pure pleasure and comfort. It has a low power requirement, low heating regime and lower energy consumption than any other heating system on the market.

Installation and assembly is incredibly simple and fast. In most cases it can be installed in a 150 m2 area in only a day without the need for storage areas on site. The entire heating system is controlled by separate thermostats to create heat zones to suit all of your heating needs. It can also be connected to smart thermostats to enable remote control of the heat via an app on your smartphone or digital device. Never before has a heating system been this simple, yet so effective!