SMART WARM can be connected directly to renewable resources, making it independent from the grid, or combined with the electrical grid to make it even more Eco-friendly and economical.
The use of renewable resources is very important in today’s world and our heating system allows people to do their bit to help the planet.

Production of electricity from renewable resources plays a key role in the UK’s electricity production. For the second quarter of 2018 the production of electricity from renewable resources has reached a record high of 31.7% of total UK electricity production and is continuing to increase, particularly with government incentives such as RHI (Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive).

All of the above demonstrates that in the not too distant future electricity will become the primary energy source in the UK. The national aim by 2050 is that 80% of UK energy production with be generated from renevable resources.

By achiving this figure the UK will become energy independent meaning that fossil-fueled systems will become redundent and replaced with electrical ones powered by renewable resources.

Eco friendly heating system