SMART WARM is the next generation electrical heating system used in greenhouses.
Our system does not circulate air so will not dry out plants. With its large heating emitter and low temperature regime it radiates heat from the ground, heating the roots directly and speeding up plant growth.

As the system runs on low voltage and the strips are water resistant it is ideal for Aquaponics growth.
Water in which plant roots are laid is heated and maintained on the required temperature.

An interesting feature of SMART WARM is its heat zoning option. That means that the system can be installed and programed in a way that heats separate zones of plantation. While soil in the zone that has already been warmed up on the required temperature is switched off, the next zone requiring heat can be switched on. This not only saves energy but it also reduces the need for a large power output connection for large plantations.

Set of pictures is taken at the same time in the greenhouse that is heated with our system :

and in the one without :

Areas of use - greenhouses

In the heated environment crops are ready for picking while in the green house without heating crops are just starting to germinate.

This photo demonstrates the horseradish yield that has grown in environment heated with our system and the one without, Difference is obvious. Time of growth was 4 weeks instead of 6.

Areas of use - greenhouses