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Health Benefits of Smart Warm In The Home

Living with an allergy or any kind of health ailment can be no fun, especially if you are challenged with an airborne allergy. In the UK, it is said that one in four people will/do suffer from hay fever or a closely linked airborne health issue, this equates to around 16 million people! To make matters worse, if you are one of the unlucky folks to fall within this, you are four times more likely to suffer from other health conditions driven by allergy, such as asthma, eczema and food allergy.

It is a common mistake that when the runny nose, watery eyes and sneezing hits, we immediately associate this to hay fever or a form of seasonal allergy – even in the months when hay fever may not be so prevalent. But what if we told you that the issue may be lurking within your own home? Here at Smart Warm, we are continuously researching how we operate within our homes and how we can offer maximum comfort. During this research journey, we discovered several alarming health hazards of our current conventional heating systems. Let’s take a closer look at what is happening inside your home and how Smart Warm can help.

Dust Mites

These tiny microscopic relatives of the spider (yes, that is correct!) thrive in our warm, cosy homes and their favourite snack is in fact dead human skill cells. Although that may not be an attractive thought, everyone on this planet sheds skin cells every single day. These cells, along with other fine particles, form something that we commonly refer to as dust. Now it is making sense where these mites get their name from! But surely there is nothing that we can do about dust? Wrong.

Smart Warm Dust Mite Tips

The first step to reducing dust within the home is regular cleaning, it may like seem an obvious one but it leads you closer to a more comfortable way of living. It is not just about the amount you clean but more the way you clean. Let’s take a look at dusting; if you use a conventional dry duster for your general cleaning (like many of us do), then you are simply spreading the dust from the surface into the air. Here at Smart Warm, we advise to use a wet duster which will collect the dust rather than spread it around the room further. A simple yet highly effective change.

Our second and most important piece of advice is all about your vacuum cleaner. Investing in a HEPA filtered vacuum is well worth the money. This will not only filter out dust and allergens but also contain them within the vacuum itself – thus reducing them in the air within your home.

How does Smart Warm heating technology help our health?

At Smart Warm, every part of our products has been chosen and designed to provide specific benefits to our customers. A huge benefit of installing our innovative underfloor heating system is the array of health benefits. The main one of course being the reduction of allergens, but there are also many other health benefits of installing underfloor heating.

Tell me more…

Say Goodbye to dispersing dust!

Have you noticed that your allergies are worse once the heating has been switched on? During the winter months, we are indoors more and our heating is higher than ever. The perfect climate for our little friends to thrive. Studies have shown that underfloor heating produces around 80% less dust around the home. This is because your radiator’s convection currents move in a circular motion and therefore disperse dust particles around the room, making them easier to be breathed in and set off allergies.

No more moisture

Using Smart Warm underfloor heating means that moisture levels are reduced as the floor area is warmed first. Unlike Conventional heating systems that can actually increase the moisture content within a house, thus encouraging mould spores to spread. Our underfloor heating offers a lack of moisture means and therefore dust mites are unable to thrive in the fibres.

Damp can disappear!

The lack of moisture from underfloor heating has multiple health benefits. It will no longer offer an environment where damp spores are able to grow and thrive and therefore provides a healthy living space for asthma sufferers.

Aches and pains are no more! 

People with arthritis and other joint problems can find that their aches and pains are reduced as the floor is not cold to the touch. This is of particular benefit on those cold winter’s morning.


Radiators are not only sharp-edged weapons but they also become very hot and this is something that many parents worry about with small children. There is no risk of being burned or scalded with our underfloor heating.

Many of these points are backed up by Professor Duncan Geddes of the National Asthma Campaign whom states the following reasons for the increase in health issues, “It is also something to do with the way we are living in modern housing – little ventilation, damp housing, more carpets and more dust making asthma more common.”

Thinking of a healthy Smart Warm underfloor heating system?

If you’ve never given the health benefits of an underfloor heating system a second thought, you’re not alone! For many buyers, it’s the financial outlay that’s the deciding factor. However, here at Smart Warm we believe that it is impossible to make an informed decision on a purchase without understanding the positive impact a product can have on your everyday life.

The husband-and-wife duo who created Smart Warm have continuously suffered with allergies and conventional heating related health issues and they set out a simple mission. To create a healthy, eco-friendly and sustainable way of enjoying and heating our homes.

They believe that even if cost is the priority deciding factor, Smart Warm have got that covered due to their unrivalled energy efficiency. So why not take a step towards a healthier lifestyle with our online quote system?

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