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Helping our planet by using Smart Warm

Sustainable living and ecology have become part of our daily lives. With two thirds of Britons vowing to be more eco friendly in 2021 we cannot help but feel a little hopeful. We are all adapting and trying our best. From cycling and using public transport instead of our cars, to carrying reusable water bottles and always having a tote bag ready to be whipped out when we are doing an impromptu shop. It is undeniable that being sustainable has become a priority for so many of us. 

There’s always more that can be done and if we want to live in a clean, nice environment we have to start with ourselves. Energy is so momentary that we don’t even think of it as a consumer product but that is exactly what it is and we have the option to make a choice about how and where we get it from. 

Why is renewable energy important?

You can do your part by buying energy from companies that generate their power from renewable sources. Some companies also offer to offset part of your carbon emissions for a fee. Look into what your provider can do for you. 

Incorporating renewable technology into our homes so they produce fewer emissions is better for our planet. The only way to combat climate change and reduce harmful air land and sea pollution is to move away from fossil fuels as fast as possible. 

​Reducing household bills by using underfloor heating

The largest chunk of every household’s paycheck goes on food, and immediately after that comes heating and energy. It is in this area that you are certainly trying to reduce spending on and fortunately you can do that. 

The traditional radiator heating on the wall of your room is not practical at heating bigger spaces and is very inefficient in terms of its energy usage. The heat usually stays in one spot near the radiator and doesn’t evenly warm up the whole room like our Smart Warm underfloor heating does. 

Our Smart Warm underfloor heating system is good for the planet and for your pocket. With the separate heating zones for different rooms you can avoid wasting energy. 

Are you wasting energy at home?

The easiest way to a cleaner future is simply using less energy in our day to day lives. Most of our appliances waste energy, the vast majority of our homes leak heat and even worse a lot of the power we use is spent on things we aren’t using. 

We are proud to say that Smart Warm has 99% energy utilisation so you don’t have to worry about heat leaks when you use our product to stay warm at home. Sometimes little actions don’t mean much but when it comes to powering our appliances, smart home improvements and a few extra changes are exactly the type of micro-impact that collectively makes a difference.

The future is renewable energy

Last year was the first year ever in the UK when renewable energy managed to outperform fossil fuels thanks to offshore and onshore winds. We might often complain about windy weather here in Britain but if that’s what it takes to live greener then bring it on we say! The greatest thing about renewable energy is that it will never run out and can always be replaced unlike coal and gas. There is also no risk of fuel spills and it reduces some types of air pollution!

No more boiler checks

Underfloor heating is a wonderful energy efficient investment that often pays for itself over time. It decreases monthly heating bills and is low maintenance, just fit and forget. When you choose Smart Warm heating you won’t have to worry about your radiator leaking or having to replace your boiler. You will not have to deal with the annual recommended boiler checks. 

Smart Warm is a lifelong solution

On top of everything above, our warranty period for our heating strips is 20 years making it a long-lasting solution to modernise your house whilst being eco-friendly. The Smart Warm heating system is aimed to last a lifetime. 

Our collective goal now is to try and burden the environment as little as possible. The reward of eco-friendly behaviour is not only a good feeling of protecting our planet but often also economic savings. Eco-friendly house improvements can help us live that good life without destroying our planet and make the greatest impact where we spend a lot of our time.

How can we improve energy efficiency at home?

There are different ways to improve energy efficiency at home. It starts with simple things such as remembering to always flip the switch, turn off the tv when it is not being used and turn off standby appliances that use ‘vampire energy’. Your phone and laptop chargers are probably plugged in a lot more than they need to be. 

Even though your household might drink quite a few teas in one day, the kettle does not need to be switched on at all times, it is just a little change but it does actually save a little bit of money. If you want to make even a bigger change, you can get an eco kettle. Smart appliances save money, energy and do not create unnecessary waste because they are made to last. 

More simple solutions to saving energy at home involve hanging thick curtains on windows which help a lot especially when they are paired with double glazed windows and the house is properly insulated. You should also fix any draught or leaks. 

How to choose the right heating solution for your home

A more lasting and even more efficient way to save energy and money is a modern heating solution like Smart Warm and we do not just do underfloor heating. Our heating strips can also be installed in walls which certainly helps to reduce the risk of having mould or damp. Smart Warm is a brilliant solution for bathroom walls. There is a lot of information out there when it comes to heating and it can be hard to know what’s the right thing to invest in. If you are unsure about what is the best heating solution for your home, you can always contact us for advice, we are experts in our field and happy to help you! 

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