SMART WARM is much more hygienic. The fundemental difference between SMART WARM and conventional heating systems is that heat exchange in conventional central heating systems is achieved via convection, while the heat exchange in SMART WARM is achieved through radiation. Heat exchange achieved by convection circulates the air in the room together with the circulation of dust, bacteria and mites in the air. Heat exchange by radiation is evenly disributed and prevents the circulation unwanted particles in the air.

Also with the system’s low heating regime warm air raises evenly and gradually keeping the warm air near to the ground and colder to the ceiling, while hot air from radiators rises rapidly to the ceiling taking allergens and dust particles with it!
Radiators are a great storage source for dust, mites and bacteria and are hard to clean properly and thoroughly. This is eliminated with the SMART WARM heating system.

Furthermore, as the aluminium strips heat the floor, they dry it out, preventing initial growth of bacteria and other organisms.

happy person on warm floor