SMART WARM is the next generation of electrical heating in industrial buildings.
The majority of industrial buildings have thick concrete floors due to heavy load requirements. Our heating strips are installed below the concrete. When placed beneath the concrete the strips heat up the concrete and use it as heat storage.

One of the best features of Smart Warm is that it stores the heat in the concrete during night when off peak electricity is available and in the early hours the heat starts to release from the concrete, heating the lower parts of the space. This means that heating is turned on during the night (off peak electricity) and switched off during the day (peak electricity), saving money.

With its low heat regime, warm air raises evenly and gradually keeping the warm air near the ground – conventional systems release heat rapidly meaning the upper space near the ceiling is warm but the bottom space towards the floor remains cold.
SMART WARM doesn’t require large amounts of power to operate, making it totally unique on the market.

As the system is technology-friendly it can be connected to smart thermostats to enable customers to control the temperature remotely to suit business preferences and requirements.