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Smart Living? Think Smart Warm

Our fast-paced modern way of life has led to a decrease of time for our basic human instincts; to stay warm, dry and fed. Believe it or not, whilst we are rushing around during our ever-increasingly chaotic mornings, the last thing that comes to mind is to ensure our homes are nice and warm for our return. In fact, if it does cross our minds, the quickest solution is to crank the heating up and leave it on all day – that will do the trick!

It may certainly solve the problem but not without adding several more along the way. Increasing bills, a heating system pushed to its maximum and not to mention a rather environmentally unfriendly home. So, what is the solution we hear you ask? Well, your problem is always our solution here at Smart Warm!

You’ve heard of Smart Cars, Smart Phones but what about a Smart Heating system? Adding a smart device that controls your home heating, saves you money on fuel bills and completely revolutionises how you keep your home warm. Don’t panic, it isn’t as futuristic (or as daunting) as you might think, and it will become second nature in no time. Yes, we promise this!

How Does It Work?

Our smart heating system will turn on only when you need it, and automatically turn off when you don’t. It also monitors room temperature, like any other, but it can do much more than just use these measurements as a threshold. It can be programmed to turn off at certain times all controlled directly from your smartphone. You can also set your desired temperature for each room separately – this feature is one of our personal favourites! No longer will you have to go from your warm living room to a freezing cold bedroom, just simply have your Smart Warm heating system heat the room up to a comfortable temperature right before your bedtime.

Let’s give you an example:

You are on your way to work and the weather takes a turn for the worst! You have guests coming over for dinner and not only did you forget to turn the heating on, but you left a window open on your landing.

Not a problem! Our Smart Warm heating system will provide you with multiple options. One being to simply log onto your phone and set the heating in the living room and kitchen to come on at 4pm – ensuring the downstairs is snug for you and your guests.

But what about that open window?

Our intelligent heating features additional window contact sensors, this will detect when a room is being ventilated. Therefore, unlike the conventional heating systems that will counter-regulate to maintain the temperature, thus wasting valuable energy. Our smart heater system quickly learns not to, therefore saving on heating costs as a result.

Now here is where it gets really interesting… If you made this a regular habit, your new Smart Warm heating system would learn this pattern of behaviour and start to automatically put the heating on downstairs at 4pm. This feature is crucial with our predominantly busy schedules, if only everything in life could do our thinking for us!

All of the above can be monitored on a zone-by-zone basis to suit your personal heating requirements. For example, your day areas such as the living room, dining room or study will have different heating requirements to your bathroom zones which will be mostly heated in the early morning and evenings.

Why Smart Warm?

There are several smart heating systems on the market, and it can be a rather overwhelming decision to make. Our advice is to always view the bigger picture. The smart system may be ground-breaking but does the heating system itself match up to this technology?

Smart Warm offers a unique and innovative low voltage heating system with endless advantages – yes we may be a little biased but we are always honest! Made out of thin but jet wide aluminium strips that are powered by low voltage electricity. It offers an extremely large heating emitter, covering up to 65% of the heated area, in comparison to competitor underfloor heating suppliers, offering a minuscule 5 – 15% coverage.

Team this unbeatable coverage with our smart living heating system and you will be achieving an unrivalled eco-friendly home.

Take a look at a summary of our smart living features:


Our Smart Warm thermostats create personalised schedules by learning your patterns and preferences. Ensuring your home offers the maximum level of comfort even when you have forgotten to tell it to do so!

Location sensing

By tracking your smartphone, our thermostats can set the heating based on your location. So your thermostats can switch off when you go out or switch on when you’re nearly home. Another fantastic energy and money saving benefit.

Multi-zone heating

Our smart living heating system supports multiple thermostats, so you can have one in each zone and control them to your desired level of comfort. You can wave goodbye to those dreaded energy bills and say hello to an energy saving way of living.

Weather watching

Using data from weather services, our smart thermostats fine tune their performance according to outside conditions. Perfect for when you are out and about!

This innovative new way of controlling heating systems is not just limited to homes but also large commercial premises. Comfort within the workplace is essential to productivity and employee satisfaction. So, whatever your needs, Smart Warm will have the solution.

We like to save the best news until last…all of the above features we have outlined in this article come as STANDARD from Smart Warm. Yes, unlike 95% of the underfloor heating market, we offer smart living as a standard feature to guarantee you receive the maximum benefits from this innovative heating system.

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