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Smart Warm for Commercial Buildings

More young people are moving into cities and more commercial spaces are being built every day. Most successful companies choose to base their offices in the centre of a city to have the best connections possible to all surrounding areas and for its attractiveness to their employees. Construction in central London and other big cities can be often challenging due to urban density. The historic areas in our cities often have tiny alleyways and there isn’t much space to bring special equipment such as pipes and equipment needed into central London. It is often not even an option causing building companies and developers additional massive logistical problems.

Underfloor heating is increasingly becoming the standard for new homes and offices built inside of the U.K. Its benefits over conventional heating systems are numerous and we are going to list some of them below. The main benefit of Smart Warm becomes evident even before turning the product on for the first time. During the building of a new home or office space you’ll really understand why Smart Warm stands out.

So what are the benefits of Smart Warm heating? Here’s a short list with explanations.

Smart Warm is a compact product

Another reason why Smart Warm underfloor heating is taking over is due to how compact, seamless and modern the solution truly is. With no pipes, cables or radiators to install in plain sight, it really does provide a hidden gem for those looking to heat their homes and commercial spaces. This can lead to greater flexibility in room planning, allowing those with compact spaces (particularly in urban environments) to optimise their floor space and not have to worry about blocking off any potential radiators.

Smart Warm is very small and as a result is very portable when travelling to building sites. This is especially important when refitting or building skyscrapers, tower blocks or any other building with a lot of in-accessible space.

Rather than having to haul a boiler up 20 flights of stairs, or have a crane lift it in, 1 person can pop this system under their arm and take that flight of stairs they’ve been promising to climb for a while.

Product is easy to install

The product is simple. A 2 person team can easily install the product and ensure that it is functioning in far less time than it takes to install and quality assure a standard boiler unit.

In addition, the product itself takes up very little space meaning that more of the customer’s demands can be incorporated into the initial building plans such as greater usable space within living areas or where you would normally house a boiler.

Smart Warm can make the building process much faster for any developers because the installation is quick, you don’t have to worry about delaying other parts of your project.

It can be laid in new buildings or be used to upgrading existing builds

Smart Warm is compatible with homes built within any era. For old houses, underfloor heating can modernise the space, create a better distribution of heat throughout the house and add modern features like Smart control through your phone.

For new builds, this can improve the energy efficiency rating of the build whilst optimising floor and wall space, is easily installable and does not require additional equipment to get the heating system to where you want it. In the future, underfloor heating will be a lot more common making it an investment that will increase the property value.

Using Smart Warm limits transport during construction

There are not very many components when it comes to underfloor heating which is great news for any construction company. Everything can be delivered in bulk limiting transport from one site to another. Additionally, It is very easy to store and there is no need for a large crew when it comes to loading and unloading as it’s compact and relatively light.

Provides smart features

Who does not want to be able to control their heating system from their smart device? We are sure you are aware, but the trend has been towards integrating more and more of these smart systems into homes with the onset of smart lighting systems and heating systems being the most common.

This makes underfloor heating not only a trendy product, but also future proofs the product against any additional modernisation. It also gives the building owners a greater sense of control over their house and therefore, greater satisfaction with the quality of the initial build.

Evenly heats the home

Instead of having cold spots where the radiator seemingly doesn’t reach, this system distributes heat throughout the house evenly to ensure that every corner is as warm as every other. We also all know the old saying of heat rises right? Well this ensures that heat starts at the lowest possible point in a room and rises throughout. This is especially true in rooms that have an unconventional floor plan such as an L shaped room which conventional radiators struggle to heat.

System operates silently

Screeching pipes and loud clanking noises is not something you want to hear inside any house. Radiators can often be noisy when there is air trapped inside them or when the system is warming up or cooling down. Smart Warm does not make any of these unwanted noises that we mentioned so you will not have to worry about that.

There are endless benefits to living or working in a place with underfloor heating. When it comes to building houses with underfloor heating it is clear that the main advantages for contractors and builders are that it is: cheaper than installing conventional heating systems due to the decreased labour costs, cheaper and easier to transport to building sites than conventional heating systems, easier to buy, deliver and install in bulk, and lastly, it is a simple product with minimal amount components.

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