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The future of heating is here – and it’s here to stay!

Did you know most of the heat in your home is lost through the roof and through the windows? Instead of cranking up old central heating systems, why not think “smart” – and embrace the future of heating.

The problem is, a lot of people see replacing their heating systems as an expense, so they avoid putting it off as long as possible. Instead, try to consider this as an investment in future cost-saving. Or, if you’re worried about the upheaval a new heating system may bring to an already-hectic family life, there are solutions that cause very little disruption and can be easily installed within a day or so.

Plus, we find many people’s attitude towards alternative, or eco-friendly energies is to avoid them, because they don’t know enough about the technologies and instead prefer to stick to what they know.

Well, we’re here to help you change your mind – so let’s tackle some of those causes for concern.

Replacing the heating system is not as expensive as you think

Just think about the cost that goes into maintaining a traditional heating system. There’s the maintenance, servicing – plus it will need flushing through and treating in areas that may suffer from hard water. Also, if your boiler breaks down, it can be extremely costly to replace or repair.

It could be more cost-effective to invest in a Smart Warm system which then becomes easier to run, repair and maintain.

Plus, you could save money on your household heating bills too!

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There is very little disruption to your daily life when the system is installed

If you’re worried about days of disruption with builders in and out, ripping up floors and putting holes in the walls, think again. The Smart Warm heating system is extremely quick to install, because it can go under or on top of existing screeding – regardless of whether that is on the floor, the walls, stairs or ceiling.

It’s been designed for ease of use – so wherever you want to install Smart Warm, you can.

Plus, it doesn’t matter what sort of covering you put over your Smart Warm heating system – so you can put it underneath laminate, tiles, carpets and even stone flooring – you will still get the benefit of the heating system and it will continue to work at its maximum power.

If you’re concerned about raising floor levels, don’t be! Thanks to the ultra-thin heating strips, the finished floor level will increase by a maximum of 10mm, in addition to the thickness of the new flooring over the top – so you will barely even notice it is there.

If you’re on a tight schedule, due to limited time off work or to turn around a renovation project, Smart Warm can be installed in a 150 m2 area in just a day – that’s just over half the size of a tennis court, or ten times the size of an average parking space, so that’s a lot of area!

Look forward to cost savings

We know that traditional heating systems are wasteful – that’s what happens in convection heating, as the heat transfer is often lost through doors, windows or chimneys. Plus, as radiators are usually installed off the floor, you might find all the heat is pumped towards the ceiling, leaving you with cold floors and an uneven room temperature.

Instead of cranking up the heating, and costing you more money, Smart Warm has a 99% energy utilisation – which means there is no heat loss and therefore there’s no waste or unnecessary cost.

Smart Warm works on a large heat emitter, but it operates on a super low voltage which makes it safe, as well as a lot cheaper.

Then there’s the maintenance. How good would it be to be able to no longer maintain an old boiler, which you’re worried might be expensive to replace, or not last another winter? A Smart Warm heating system is a genuine, safe, hygienic, efficient and a low maintenance alternative.

If you need further convincing, Smart Warm’s large heating emitter will heat up to 65% of the heated area and works in a small temperature regime (23-29 °C) to heat up the space. Plus, once installed, our strips are likely to last you a lifetime as their service should exceed 100 years and can even withstand any accidental damage like drilling through.

Heating – that’s cool!

If you are looking to heat a large area, you can also have the option of controlled zone heating to suit your particular needs. With heat zoning, you can easily adjust different temperatures in your home to suit your environment – for example, you might want cooler sleeping temperatures so opt for lower levels in bedrooms, but for more comfort, have higher temperatures in living and dining areas. This again means you are not heating rooms unnecessarily, or fling open the windows when you go to bed and send all that warm air outside.

You can even connect the system to your smartphone, so you can switch it on when you’re on the commute home from work on a rainy winter night, and your heating system will be fully working for a warm welcome on your return.

Doing your bit for the environment

Smart Warm systems can be connected directly to renewable resources – so it is great for the environment because it is independent from the National Grid. This is important and the UK works towards the production of electricity from renewable sources and by doing so, the country will become energy dependent. The aim is that by 2050, 80% of UK energy production will be generated with renewable resources.

It’s becoming more important that we all do our bit for the environment – and it starts at home. Why not start your Smart Warm journey today? Get a quote or contact us to find out more information, or get an estimate.

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